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COVID 19 Update


Guests: Will be required to wear masks in all common areas and hallways, and to adhere to social distancing guidelines per CDC recommendations. Guests with a temperature over 99.7F will not be allowed to stay. Masks and hand sanitizing liquid will be available for all guests if needed.

Room Rentals: Rachael's Dowry will only allow up to 4 room bookings per night to enable proper distancing in the common rooms and dining room. Rooms will be empty for a minimum of 24 hours prior and 24 hours after guest stays to ensure time for any germs to dissipate and for the safety of cleaning staff. All touchable surfaces, such as remotes, door knobs, keys, light switches and surfaces will be sanitized after each guest stay. Extra items, such as sham pillows, magazines, glassware and pens will be eliminated from the rooms to minimize the risk of missed sanitation. Only disposable cups will be used in the rooms.

Room Servicing: To protect staff, rooms will not be serviced during a guest's stay. This includes no bed making, bathroom cleaning, amenity replenishment. Extra towels, linens, toilet paper and amenities will be available by request.

Room Cleaning: All linens, quilts, pillows, robes and soft items will be removed from the room after guests leave and washed on sanitary cycles. All surfaces will be cleaned with sanitizing cleaners, as will items such as hair dryers, irons and remotes. All amenities, toilet paper and towels/sheets will be replaced with fresh items.

Dining: Breakfast will be served at agreed-upon times in the dining room at properly spaced, two-top tables only. No breakfasts will be served to rooms. Because of the small number of restaurants in the area, food-delivery and eating in the dining room or outdoor patio will be allowed.

Common Area Cleaning: All railings, tables and other touchable surfaces in the common areas will be wiped with sanitizing solution at least twice daily. All staff will wear masks at all times.

Deposits and Cancellations: Until we get through this strange time, and are sure there will be no more spikes in infections, Rachael's Dowry will ease the cancellation policy to refund any deposits should you have to change your plans at the last moment. We'll work together to ensure we both have a great experience while you're here!

We ask that you let us know if you believe anything has been missed, or if you require items that are no longer going to be kept in the rooms.